Introduction and Percent Comparison

Energy saving is the main issue in this era.
Intelligent Street light controller and Timer

At town and city level Street Lights consumes very high electrical energy per minutes.

The Indian Express review on Installation of Insu SLC 03 GSM

There are much scope of energy saving in street lighting system as under...

  • Design base lighting as per road size & traffic conditions.
  • Use latest lighting products.
  • Automation in street lighting systems.

In Third category following products are available

  • Electro-mechanical timers
  • Photo Switch
  • Conventional Programmable timers

A comparison of above three with manual switching and Insu SLC Street Light controllers:

Sr. Features Man. Switch Ele/mech. timer Photo switch Con. Prog. timer Insu SLC
1 Advance Microcontroller based operation. X X X X
2 Longitude & Latitude based operation X X X X
3 Real Time Clock battery backup > 7 years. -NA- -NA- X X
4 Power redundancy for controller. 
-NA- ?
? ?
5 Complete Automation 
6 Auto / Manual facility for emergency operation. 
7 Auto resetable User defined over and under voltage cut off. X X X
8 User defined over and under Current tripping. X X X
9 Complete data collection for analysis X X X X √ *
10 Electronic Protection System for safety. X ? ? ? √ *
11 Energy savings up to 45%. X X X X √ *
12 Saves Energy by changing on and off time Daily. 
13 Low maintenance for time and cost saving. X X X  
Operation from remote destination. X X X X
15 Auto Calibration facility for error less operation. X X X X √ *
16 GSM based controlling & monitoring .
X X X X √ *
17 Efficient Service   X X X X Sure.

* Optional features.

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